Do you have a CB?

New Questions Everyone stood still at school until one thing happened. A new question arrived. Suddenly the playground came alive with excitement,but what was the question? ‘Do you have a CB?’ CB radio,Citizens band radio, was popular among adults and some children when I grew up,in the golden days before the internet. Allowing weirdos to […]


Went for a short walk yesterday during the lockdown.We’re allowed a walk.Heard this shouting from a couple of streets over.People are even more annoying than usual, I find…Theres a six feet exclusion zone now.Great. Now I have to let people get closer to me than ever.It’s usually 15 or 20 feet.’Pauline’ he shouted. Again. Again.Is […]

Exposure on a night out

Feeling a bit unwell after a night out. My significant other said : “It wouldn’t surprise me if we caught something from the other night. We don’t get much exposure these days.” “Ah, The diseased populus,” I said, “The pox populi.” It did leave me wondering what century I was born in. VOX POPS and […]