A potato,an egg and a left shoulder goofy.

I don’t know about you,but sometimes its difficult to know where to start. I have always been fascinated by the way people try and represent themselves in the best light. I often try and do the opposite. What can you learn by doing what everyone else is doing?

I have been missing for a while,save my anniversary post,and I have a small confession.

I have been thinking about other things other than this post.


I could hear you go huh from here. You’re thinking “How could you, when the post involves goofy?”

Yes it does. At least I think it does.

The left shoulder goofy

Goofy was never one of my favourite cartoons,was it anybody’s? Maybe the character hit too close to home.

Hey! How dare you believe that.

Anyway, in one of the Goofy cartoons, there suddenly popped up a miniature devil goofy on his left shoulder. This little goofy would whisper in his ear,leading him astray.

A little saint goofy showed up on his other shoulder.

For years,whenever I made a mistake, or an error of judgement I would call it my left shoulder goofy.

Petulant Bacon

One aspect of lockdown and my wife being terminally ill, is realising how petty my thought routines sometimes are.

Too many thoughts spoils the bacon

One petulant thought routine I have , I wanted to sit down and drink my tea.
My wife really wants to contribute to cooking,as she can do so much less than she used to,
She told me the prep I needed to do,for the meal she was doing. very simple.
Onions and bacon.
Easy for me to do.
Yet my thought routine was there.
Petty,resentful. I’m tired. The left shoulder goofy whispering in my ear.

So I chopped the onions, and fried the bacon, listening to these resentful thoughts.

I just want one meal,where I dont need to be involved.
I just cant keep up with all the changing status updates,health being up and down from minor to major.
She has a sore wrist
She gets tired standing for long periods, the clue is these thoughts arrive when I’m tired. The left shoulder goofy appears and takes over.

Nick lowe what’s so funny about peace love and understanding was playing on spotify.

The heat on the bacon was too high,so it didnt cook the way I wanted.
I was distracted.
I kept doing the bacon.
I remembered she had a sore wrist, she cant stand for long periods..
Because she has cancer and our life has changed. My thought patterns haven’t changed.
It’s an interesting challenge to see my pettiness,old habits of thought.
A challenge to avoid resentment,when we have both been given a very different challenge in our lives.
Yet,here was my tried and tested resentment routine running away in my mind.
One of my favorites.

I recognised I was tired,just back from a walk and from the shop to get a missing ingredient.

Yet what was my job today?
How do I find happiness in this moment?
My job was to fry the bacon.
As I did the bacon I noticed my old thought pattern being replaced with a new one.
If my job is to fry the bacon, why not be happy about it?
Happiness is only available in this moment.
I admit,right here and now, I left one piece of bacon slightly undercooked. That means I can eat it while I cut it up.

The Boiling water that hardens the egg softens the potato,

In the same way that the boiling water that hardens the egg softens the potato, recognising thoughts as they arise gives us a choice we didnt realise.
Through that realisation, the now gentle stream of the mind, can lead us to happiness.

Whats that got to do with goofy?

I imagine the left shoulder goofy whispering in my ear when these thoughts occur.

It gives me a frame to link negative habits to something comical.

Using my bad habit to create a positive new habit.

Who would listen to what goofy says?

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