I’m sure you’ve heard of a portmanteau word. Its a word based on joining two words together. Based on a travelling bag that had two separate opening parts.

I’d like to pleasantly introduce being plappy.

A word that describes a mood that improves as you’re speaking. As you’re speaking you realise your mood is better than you realise.

Imagine you’ve just started saying the word pleasant,and you realise it wasn’t a pleasant experience but a really happy one. Well,that means….

You’re plappy and you know it

It is not the best sounding word,but I hope one you can remember. Especially as some accents in English,an “a” is pronounced as an “o”

That would accidentally raise our level to childhood onomatopoeia. With this short “plop” I’m off once more,to return soon.

The photo above is from the top of the Lions head in Cape Town,just across from table Mountain. I experienced plappiness as I climbed it a few years ago.

Bonus neologism

Noticed a few birds in our back yard,fighting a while back.

I call it birdicuffs.

I hope it qualifies as daft enough to be included here.

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