Its not always the thought that counts

Consider a lily, part of an anniversary gift of flowers.

I’m just like the Lily, I toil not and don’t spin much these days. Not since my days of playing dizzy ducks.

Anyway,every 20 years or so I buy my wife flowers. We’ve been together 20 years,so the time was coming round. I ordered some flowers online ,wrote a special message…

Blah de blah,love,something

The early bird

Part of my simple plan for the day,involved flowers and some drink. Trouble is they arrived a week early,delivered by a local flower seller.

Not a big problem, I gave the gift early – as my wife saw me holding the flowers. We put the message card and flowers on the kitchen table.

We opened some cheap champagne and celebrated early. Twenty years together.

I did fill in an online form mentioning the early delivery and thought nothing more of it.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man

Less than an hour later,there was a knock at the door.

“Can we have the flowers back? We got the delivery wrong.”

What would you have said at that point?

The last 20

We all know, for those with a 20 year buy frequency for flowers, this will be the last 20.

My suggestion is to bring those flower purchases forward, as the world will end in 5 , 4 .. 3….

The last thought

Sometimes its not the thought that counts. Sometimes it’s the way you say NO, as you slowly close the door to a man demanding flowers,that counts more.

Be kind to yourselves out there.

Those of you who haven’t gone mad already.

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