Rebellion and nothing

When I was younger my Nan always used to say to me :

“Don’t hide your light under a bushel.”

Like any rebellious teenager, I ran out to find any bushel I could.

Nobody tells me what to do.

I’ll show them.

I suppose I should have got a job like a normal person.

But you know how it goes. Once you hide inΒ  your first bushel you feel so smug,its hard to leave.

He didn’t meet me.

Some things you come across in life that are so obvious you immediately think :

“Why didn’t I think of that sooner?”

Doing nothing fit the bill for me. Just another day in the bushel.

Pascal said ‘Most of mens problems stem from being unable to sit in a room and do nothing.’

What he didn’t realise is,kitchen knives and hot fat aside,most of my problems arose from going outside.

Yes you can

Even though they say, theres many a chop between the sloth and the broth, I am still the exception to Pascals rule.

Be careful out there.

There are people and sharp edges.

12 thoughts on “Rebellion and nothing

  1. I love your meme that you can’t make sense out of nonsense. You can’t have a battle of wits with an unarmed or half armed man. They should remain in the Federal Witless Protection Program.

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  2. I’m with you. I’ve had absolutely no problem with doing nothing at all. I actually fear for the day they find the corona cure and I have to go back to being a productive citizen.

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