Went for a short walk yesterday during the lockdown.
We’re allowed a walk.
Heard this shouting from a couple of streets over.
People are even more annoying than usual, I find…
Theres a six feet exclusion zone now.
Great. Now I have to let people get closer to me than ever.
It’s usually 15 or 20 feet.’Pauline’ he shouted. Again. Again.
Is it his dogs name? Who calls their dog Pauline?. 
Paulie?  Mollie?
Has he lost his young daughter?
The noise seemed to be getting further away, says my wife.
That’s because we’re walking, I said.
He didn’t stop.
We took a turn,up a hill. Suddenly out of an alley a young man sprang out.
Looked like he climbed out of a chimney 100 years ago.
We stopped walking,feeling threatened, our exclusion zone was down to 20 feet..
He stopped and stared straight at us.
‘Have you seen a parrot?’ He said.

Oh,we realised. He was shouting ‘Polly’

So this was our walk in the great lockdown of 2020, the end of the world for many.
Our world started a slow ending over a year ago,yet here we are,walking,looking for a lost parrot.

Stay safe everyone,let me know if you see a parrot.

25 thoughts on “PAULINE

  1. Isn’t it wonderful that in the midst of the greatest crisis to face our generation a parrot named Polly can occupy yours and our minds for a brief but funny moment LOL.
    Perhaps you could do a name it to tame it contest for the coronavirus?

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