Each of the following individual words is true #1linerweds

Each of the following individual words is true

but I take no responsibility for the factuality of their combinations.

Donald Trump

The only truth left to us is in words. It is when we combine them together that the lies find their way in.

Although each meaning of every individual word is subject to change.

Look at the word ‘gay’.

First it meant happy, then   ‘gay’ was used as a slur by some people.

Has the world changed enough that it also  means happy again?

Gay pride, is a global event. Nothing unhappy about that.

(Although don’t look too deeply into the subject!)

There is still vast amounts of prejudice in the world, over many subjects.

If we reclaim  the word ‘gay’ to be happy, are the days of disparagement for this word drawing to  a close?

I would say that it definitely means happy again.

People are happy to be gay. To be able to live a life of freedom to be themselves.

Even if they are sometimes denied cake.

If you remember the story of the bakery who refused to make a cake for a gay couple.


Factuality and fake news


The genius of the phrase ‘fake news’ is that everyone knows there is a truth to it.

Have you ever considered that people want fake news?

Do they really want to hear the truth about themselves or the society they live in?

At some level people want to be happy.

The only way to do it is to turn off the abject horror of everyday life.

Unless, of course, you’re a lover of schadenfreude.

Then this is the world for you.







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