I’m not sure if it’s the same carrier pigeon everyday.


shallow focus photography of gray pigeon
Photo by Aman Jakhar on Pexels.com

I have a poor memory,so I make lots of notes.

I  use a carrier pigeon to deliver my notes.

I don’t have anyone to send the note to, so the pigeon just comes back to me.

I usually forget what’s on the note,so it’s always a nice surprise.

Like Christmas everyday.

I’m just sending my next note now.

It reads “Don’t forget to give your next note to the pigeon .”

It just occurred to me.

Is it the same pigeon arriving every day?

You’re not sending me pigeons with notes to confuse me are you?

What’s your note delivery system?

Do they let you out and about unsupervised these days?


17 thoughts on “I’m not sure if it’s the same carrier pigeon everyday.

  1. I have dozens of post-it notes with very important info decorating the inside of my computer armoire. I rarely read them after I write them though. Maybe I should invest in a carrier pigeon. I better go record that thought on a post-it note.

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