How to tell someone they have a large piece of cheese in their hair without offending them?

selective focus photo of cheese and grater on plate
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I’m only asking as I just discovered  a half inch square piece of cheese.

The last time I ate cheese was last Sunday.

Since then I must have seen several hundred people.

I was wearing pants everyday but one.

Not one single person mentioned the cheese in my hair.


Fear of offence

I’m not a scary person, so it can’t be that.

It must be because people are so polite.

There isn’t a widely known way to mention a half inch cube of cheese stuck in someone’s hair without causing offence.


Cheese Removal


After much thought, I have not removed the cheese.

I am going to keep it for another week and will retrace my steps.

This time will be different.

I am going to go up to people and ask them if I look all right, giving them an opportunity to mention the cheese.

I will say “Don’t worry, I won’t be offended.” to placate their concerns.

All those years working on my mad stare will finally pay off.

We all know WWJD – but what would you say to me if you noticed my hair cheese?

What forgotten food items have you found about your person?

33 thoughts on “How to tell someone they have a large piece of cheese in their hair without offending them?

  1. I imagine your wife must be very practiced in telling you about any pieces of food on your body, XD.
    Perhaps she would consider teaching a master class in this art? I would gladly sign up as my room mate is always telling me she is saving that morsel on her chest for a snack later. It would be really useful if I could tell her about any morsels she’s overlooked. 🙂

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  2. I would probably say, “Would you care for some bread to go with that cheese?” or “Pears pair well with cheese.”
    My hair is quite long and occasionally there are bits of seaweed and the occasional odd fish.

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  3. This reckless abuse of cheese must stop. Next thing you know there will be sausage behind your ear and mustard under your arm. You’ll be a walking appetizer plate and that won’t end well for anyone.

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  4. Cheese in your hair. Perhaps, you need to work on your aim. If you are eating your meals like a corn hole game, you are going to have more than cheese problems. Is there a mirror in your house?

    I would say “Dude. WHY do you have cheese in your hair? Is there something you want to tell me? Was it a fight? Wild sex? A sex fight? New fashion item?”

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  5. I worked with an old hippie-kind of a guy who had a long beard and long hair. Another workmate came up to me and whispered, “He’s got a LEAF in his hair and he doesn’t even know it”

    So, I got up, went to his office and said, “Sit still”… and removed the leaf. That’s what friends do.

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