Follow the unfortunate #1linerweds


Follow the unfortunate : They have more to teach you and you can laugh at them to make yourself feel better.

This is pure Schadenfreude.

From the German for sausage-stealer.

To steal someone’s sausages is the colloquial expression for deflating someone’s balloon while blowing into your own.

Lowering their status and increasing your personal joy.

A bit like sarcasm. The lowest form of wit as they say.

The joy in another’s misfortune is still joy,just like sarcasm is still wit.

Note :

I am talking mental balloons here. No real balloons were harmed in the making of this post.

It could  be I have some words mixed up :

Wurstdiebstahl - The wurst is harm-joy.

Schadenfraude  - sausage stealer

Another wednesday, another one line,that is never one line.



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