All the readers are dying


Some of my readers are as old as the hills.

Even the younger ones are moving in the same direction.

I don’t mean to be insulting,  I have to think about the future.

Who is going to comment when you’re all dead?

Ours is the last generation of readers. We have to protect that.


Future Proof


I have scheduled my posts for the next 30 years, so the blog should continue after I’m dead.

Which should be quite quickly as I’m blogging this as I’m falling to the earth.

Can I ask everyone to do their comments in advance?

You can then  bequeath your comments to the next generation so they can post them on your behalf?

It’s not too much trouble is it?

We have to be organised.

Two posts a week over 30 years is about 3120 comments.


Do you want to leave some of them here?

I can cut and paste some of them, so at least we’re making a start.

If they arrive before I hit the ground obviously.

Thanks in advance.






20 thoughts on “All the readers are dying

  1. Happy landings.
    I have already scheduled replies for the next 37 years. I thought that was a nice round number.
    My reply for Monday 4th May 2054 reads “How very dare you? Bring my wife back at once! How did you find her ashes anyway?” I may have to get someone to amend that as she may be cryogenically frozen.

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  2. I know how to schedule blogs. How DO YOU SCHEDULE Comments? Even if such a thing is possible since we don’t know what you will be writing about should we have a rotating list? Well done. Interesting post. Wish I’d thought of that. Clever twist. You must be out of your blonking mind. (Rinse and repeat as necessary.)

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