They all ‘say’ that looks aren’t everything


What about Mer-manity?

A myth is a story so powerful, that the tale is re-told through the generations.

It takes on a life of its own growing a deeper meaning in the re-telling.

Once a true story becoming an eternal story relevant to all humanity.

What about mer-manity?

Beauty  only swims on the surface, never deep

Looks aren’t everything. Who hasn’t longed for something they can’t have?

Beauty is only skin deep

Consider those that have beauty – those that are longed for, chased after, lied to in order to win their hearts.

What happens when you can have something you don’t want?

The last of the fish-tailed mermen

The fish-tailed merman had never met a mer-woman.

Not even his mother, she was  full fish.

He was just a freak,thrown out of the school at the first opportunity.

Ignored by the fish-headed,made fun of by the fish.

He had spend his lifetime looking for someone. Someone he could love.

There were no fish-tailed women and he was the last of the fish-tailed mermen.

The mer-people had two choices.

They can mate with their own kind, or   the fish headed mer-people could  mate with humans, the fish tailed with fish.

It’s a cruel fate – as the fish tails loved humans and the fish heads loved fish.

The Merman needed to ensure the survival of his people, he was the only one.

He knew what he had to do to ensure the survival of his race.

The merman looked at me and spoke.

“There are many things  in my life  I regret.  I just can’t do it.”

“Not with a fish.”

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