Fashion Icon comes clean : affiliate warning



Being a fashion icon isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

I get to take advantage of product offerings from across the globe

This helps me take the lead and develop new trends of dress, that many others emulate.


Top Fashion Blog Hogging


Since I started blogging new opportunities have abounded all over the place.

The tricky thing is not to take advantage of your readers.

To only promote products I actually use and can honestly recommend.

That is why I am declaring it now :

I am a potato sack affiliate.


From Sackless to Sacrosanct


Nutley kitchen gardens have the best potato sacks in the world and I’m not just saying

that because I wear them.

I’m saying that because that’s what other people say when they see me wear them.

They’re durable – they’re cheap and when they’re delivered they’re also full of food.

A massive bonus to any sack wearers – what other clothing comes with free food?


Hum-bags are not humbug


The Human worn bag, the humbag is defininininitely not humbug.

Which humbag is the best for a fashion icon?

You can rock this look, without a bag  – but seriously where are you going to put your emergency potatoes?

I’m a practical icon, hum-bags are not humbug they’re hum-good.


Socially appropriate face splodge


A subject older than the bible – what is acceptable to splatter all over your face in a socially acceptable  way when you’re doing your job as a fashion icon?

Rocking my potatoes in my humbag, there’s only one answer : Mayonaisse.

It matches my super-white skin and if I slap some on my potatoes I can keep walking while I eat.

So I never stop rocking my latest look.


Looking Well in town


For longer iconic rocking fashion ventures I wear my wellies.

Invicta Side-Vent Wellington Boot

These are from Gumleaf. I couldn’t possibly recommend them as they’re not giving me anything.

I am fashion icon not a fool.

Just take a look though how the potato sack matches the particular green of the wellies.


I contacted Nutley Kitchen Gardens during the making of this post  and sent them pictures.

They won’t return my calls.







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