Anyone else up for a gong bath ?


Please will you come with me?

I won’t be able to relax if you’re not there while they gong at me.

I’m thinking of adding a gong bath to my mobile spa service what do you think?

What other spa services would you like me to try?


Belonging is Gonging


Everybody reading this knows that the guy who banged the gong at the start of Rank films for all those years was Ken Richmond.

(In those pre-google days who banged the gong at the start of films was one of the most popular quiz questions, now overtaken by one about Wayne Gretsky.)

Did you know there is such a thing as gong therapy?


Here’s what happens :


You pay out some money – it can’t be any good if you don’t pay for it – can it?

You go into a room with lots of mats laid out, almost as if there was some yoga about to happen.

There isn’t.

You lie down with a bunch of strangers.

Somebody in the middle sort of rubs their gong, banging it gently with a soft stick.

It gives out a constant relaxing  sound.

The idea is you become super-relaxed in this room full of strangers, one with their gong out.


Be Strong you Belong –  to Gong is not Wrong


You feel good about yourself for the following reasons :


1.  You’ve  paid money – and you’ve had years of practice of believing you’re not stupid despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

2. The gong has stopped and you can leave.

3. You all convince yourself as you leave that it wasn’t silly, it was worth every penny and it was much better than staying at home relaxing in your own bed for free.

Would you get your gong out and run a therapy class?

This post is a good example of  accidentally stumbling into reality.

Gong therapy – Why not try it?

It has been a practice for thousands of years.








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