Karma costs too much – please bear with us.

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The Costs of Karma

In the law of cause and effect, good actions in life will generate good results and bad actions result in bad ones – good karma and bad karma.

Sounds great? But who doesn’t know somebody who never seem to get their comeuppance in life?

Many have lived  a bad life but yet not received the bad karma they were due.

It is not always possible for all the karma generated in a life to be allotted.

This can mean it looks like a lot of people get away with murder.

That’s where the  OOPS comes in.

The Office Of Purgatory Statistics are responsible for the allocation of Karma due which has not been allocated during a lifetime.

Matching consequences in memory form to individuals at the point of death.

Life is making memories, OOPS is making memories pay.

Your feelings of shame and guilt  return..


Purgatory is that almost eternal time  (in perception ) between your last breath and death.

As your perception of time slows your second life begins – and your Karma is evened out.

Running OOPS is a bureaucratic nightmare as you can imagine – especially using index cards.


Karma has been suspended.


The last thing we want to do is to make mistakes and end up giving people the wrong Karma.

This is why OOPS are currently digitising the akashic records.

The akashic records is the name for where everybody’s memories are stored in their lifetimes. This means that at the point of death, any un-matched Karma can be allocated.

This means that many dying during this upgrade will not receive their rightful matched Karma.

Random Cruelty

You can imagine the strain causing in the OOPS department with the population explosion of the last few hundred years.

Digitising the process is essential otherwise karma will cease to work.

Using the akashic records, a randomiser has been introduced.


OOPS – I did it again


As you breath that last breath and your time perception slows, the randomiser kicks in.

If you are a good person it is more likely you will receive a good memory.

If you’ve been a really bad person, your last memory could be of reading this.

As time slows the memory of this could seem like an eternity.




Please bear with us, we will try to complete the digitisation of karma as soon as spiritually possible.

Thanks for your patience.

If you feel OOPS has given you the wrong Karma in life please get in touch.

If you leave it to your last breath it is already too late.

Do you have any examples of good or bad Karma?

What have you got away with?







17 thoughts on “Karma costs too much – please bear with us.

  1. Oops the little daisies and watch them come up! Watch em grow as we oops a little more and make them come up, make them come up. Oops did I just push that shit in the right or wrote direction?
    I’ll go get karma and let her know she’s in trouble again haha. Always disappointing other people by not following what they think to expect.

    Liked by 1 person

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