Story of my life, near enough,song lyric sunday


Song lyric sunday


I’m not one who usually finishes things.

20 Years ago I played the guitar a little. I couldn’t learn anything so I wrote songs as it was easier.

I thought one day I’ll record a few of them and keep them.

A few PC changes  and 20  years later, deleting files, I came across some song titles.

All of them – save one or two – were blank.

This is one of them that,perhaps you will wish, was blank.

The song came from two things :

  1. I was walking through the woods and saw a broken rope swing and thought of making it into a noose.
  2. I read the diving bell and the butterfly many years ago. A story about a man with locked in syndrome who wrote a book. Only by blinking out letters of the alphabet.

So I mingled the two ideas and came up with ,what is supposed to be, a comedy song, with perhaps a dark topic.



I know I’m supposed to write out the lyrics 🙂

Have you ever changed your mind about anything and realised that it was too late?

7 thoughts on “Story of my life, near enough,song lyric sunday

  1. I don’t think that it is ever too late to do anything. My brother died at 46 from sudden death in 2013 and it really made me think about my life. I stopped doing what made me unhappy and started doing what made me happy! Writing a blog is one of the things that makes me happy.

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