It’s a party and everyone’s having fun

 she came to me and asked me for a shotgun.
Don’t know what it was,maybe intuition, but
,Like me,I thought she had something maybe missing,
I said “I hardly know you but I hate to deny you.
With a shotgun I cannot supply you.
I can maybe find a rope, I’ve got plenty of pills ,
Maybe this whiskey will help to cure your ills.”
She grabbed them pills and washed them down with whiskey,
She smiled and said “I’ve changed my mind.”
And then she kissed me.
“Do you feel the same way too?
Looks like a wasted pleasure getting to know you.”
One life is over,another life must go on,
Everybody’s out there having their fun.
So we live, and so we die
No reason to reason,no reason why
She came to me.


Some people call it focus when you can concentrate on one thing for a long period of time.

But what if you only have space for one thing in your head?

You can’t just get a bigger head – unless developing a ridiculously positive image of yourself counts.

This was something I remembered from 20 years ago.

I thought I’d write it down here so that I could forget it and create a little space between the ears.

It will be nice just to sit back and feel the wind blow right through me.

In one ear and out the other as they say.


11 thoughts on “It’s a party and everyone’s having fun

  1. Always figured if you could write something down or, for that matter, look it up, then there was no need to keep it in your head. Heads are for thinking not for storing. Hey another adage there 🙂

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