There’s many a chop ‘tween the sloth and the broth


I suddenly thought.

The world needs a new adage.

All the adages are old and that is not acceptable to me.

Nor should it be to anyone.

Favorite adage


I thought of a few of my favorites.


there’s many a slip between twixt cup and lip

too many cooks spoil the broth –ย  many hands make light work – the opposite meaning to the first adage.


Why is there a sloth in your adage, Tim?

People are always asking me that.

A sloth.

I was actually thinking of the slough of despondย .

Sloths are known for indolence, I liked the almost match, so why not put a sloth in it?

New adage Criteria


So,my criteria – something that rhymes.

Something that could qualify as an old adage.

Something that when read or heard, you kind of know what it means without knowing the history of the phrase.

I imagine you,dear reader, reciting this at some future point with authority and your esteemed people believing it and agreeing with it.


Do you agreee that it could mean something?

I recommend you useย  it all the time, as it is through usage and history that true meaning develops.

If you want to achieve broth in life,even if you are a sloth, you have to chop to get what you want.

Many hands may make light, and others may help you with your broth ambitions but any broth journey,for any indolent sloth,has to start with the first chop.


Notice there are 3 E’s in agree. How did that make you feel?

What is your favorite adage or saying?

Do you have a new one for me?

This one sort of fits with one liner wednesday

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