Not enough stupid things are happening


My boss called me into his office yesterday.

I was expecting the worst and I got it.

He said “I’m sorry I can’t employ you.”

“Not enough stupid things are happening.”

“You’ve worked here a while and,honestly, you’re not living up to the utter stupidity you promised at the interview. Can you really say that you’ve been a stupid as you can possibly be?”

“There are a lot of people out there,far more stupid than you. This is your last chance.”


Stupidity Failure


Seriously. I’ve done my best.

Where do you think it has gone wrong?

Was everyone else just taking stupid lessons and outdid me while I wasn’t looking?

The world is so competitive at the moment, it seems like everything is on my level.

What else can I  do?

Should I  go self-employed and start a stupid business working for myself?

It’s awful when you realise all your life you’ve been stupid and one day you look around and everybody seems to be more stupid than you are.

I tried my best.


Consequences and hope


It was my responsibility, commensurate with grade, to do stupid things.

It’s the job I was born to do but I do see a future opportunity.

There a gap in the market, if I can make the leap.

I think I can break into Normal.

That’s where the real money is – going against the trend.

Good luck with stupid. Suckers.

Welcome to the new normal.


How good are you at being stupid?

Do you think you can handle the new normal?






32 thoughts on “Not enough stupid things are happening

    • we are the lucky ones. We get to watch our own slow deterioration until our inevitable doom, collecting the odd high point until our memories are taken. On a lighter note we can enjoy the same things over and over again

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  1. Why are you here? Give me an example of stupid is as stupid does. What were your childhood nicknames (can be very telling to see how his/her peers describe him or her.) Pete and Repete were in a boat. Pete fell out. Who was left? (How many times do you have to repeat this joke before the applicant ‘gets’ it?)

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