What is the oldest of the comedy fruits?


First Bite


Not all fruits are funny.

Look at the apple. Where are the jokes?

This apple went into a bar..

No it didn’t. It’s an apple.


The first bite of the apple led to the knowledge of good and evil.

Comedy came just after as a way to handle the horror of that sour tasting apple.


For figs sake


There not many fruits mentioned in the Bible – nor are there any jokes.

The grape, fig, pomegranate,olives and dates.

The joke has the surprise or the reveal, yet,in the garden of Eden as soon the apple was

eaten, the fig leaf was used to cover up.

Walking around naked was no joke.


“Simon, I shall call you Peter”


My take is it’s difficult to beat Jesus for words of wisdom – so why try?

He’s cornered the market.

But where are the jokes?

I know not many people read the bible for the jokes but I have spent some time looking for them.

Saying “Pick up your mat and walk” is all about context.

It could be seen,in these sensitive times, of making fun of someone who can’t walk.

Jesus got away with it only because he cured the guy. Job done.

Now, as Jesus told of the blind man falling into a pit – were some people waiting for a punchline?




Perhaps Jesus would have told more jokes if he had access to bananas.

In fact, once I invent time travel, giving bananas to Jesus is on my time-travel bucket list.

I would come straight back to see what happened to the sermon on the mount.


Should I start a  kickstarter campaign – Bananas for Jesus?

Do you have any ideas for a kickstarter campaign I could start?








13 thoughts on “What is the oldest of the comedy fruits?

  1. In the pre-kickstarter days, Victorians used to raise funds to put clothing on grazing animals so people couldn’t see their parts (udders, penises, and scrotum). Not sure the clothing was ever purchased or used, but I hear it raised money. You might try that scam.

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