I’ve discovered the old mans secret



To some life is about success, accumulating money,

I failed at that. I even failed at killing. that’s how useless I am.

Getting one over on other people, gives a  fleeting feeling of joy,superiority.

You can become powerful, living  in your temporary freedom with all your wealth.

Ruled by your ego with all the illusions  you can buy.

I saw an old man sitting on  a seat once,when I was younger.

Just sitting.

I thought – what is he doing?

He’s not doing anything. I couldn’t handle it, How could anyone just sit?

What’s wrong with him?


Sitting Zen


Everything I’ve done in my life – it all came back to that moment.

The man on the seat.

Everywhere I went. What was his secret?

He must’ve been doing something.

But What?


Age shall not Weary


I got older. Old enough to look for seats when I was out walking.

I got even older – I wouldn’t walk unless I knew there was a seat.

Older still – I would go just to sit on the seat.

Then it hit me. I was the old man now.

Sitting down.

From my youth  I searched my whole life trying to find the secret of that old man.

I found it by just sitting down on a seat.

I knew the secret.

The old man was incontinent.

Have you ever wasted your time on anything?

Tim Willow

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19 thoughts on “I’ve discovered the old mans secret

  1. Have I ever wasted my time on anything? Well, of course- doesn’t everyone? But I didn’t become incontinent as a result. I waste time every day- it’s one of the luxuries of retirement 😀

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