Where did I put it? Read the headline twice.


You didn’t know you were just about to think of an Elephant.

You were thinking of a Velma Dinkley out of Scooby Doo.

Now there it is. A big Elephant.

I can also reveal you will now complete the punchline of a joke for me.

It’s a joke based on a best selling book by Harry Lorrayne.

You don’t remember it?

Its called  “How to develop a super power memory.”

Most people bought it back then or have heard about it.

If you didn’t : you cant’ say you haven’t heard about it now.

Now imagine the book comes up in conversation with me.

How to develop a super power memory.


I  start telling you all about the different memory systems.

How to use association and ridiculous imagery to make lists easier to remember.

For example – if you needed potatoes in your weekly shop,some milk and a banana.

You would imagine a potato canoeing inside of a banana across a sea of milk into your local Aldi.

I say “I’ll show you. I’ll go get the book.”

I think of a joke. “Now……”

What is the punchline of my joke?


Willows World

Please leave the  punchline in your comments.

The one who guesses the punchline correctly wins a virtual bar of chocolate.

Or a virtual bar of gold, if you prefer.

Or some bitcoin, which seems to exist on the same plane of reality.

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