Vegetables have feelings too



Let me tell you something about myself – I’ve always had problems with my weight.

I just couldn’t seem to lose it no matter what I did.

I’d often thought of becoming vegetarian I just didn’t know enough about it.

I had a real problem with being happy because I was so overweight.

I got petty and just needed a way to feel better about myself.

Then I heard about global warming.

The first thing I did was turn on all the lights.

Just so I could make everyone in the world suffer,just a little bit.

It felt relaxing and calmed me down.

It made me feel less of a failure for not being able to lose weight.

Every time I felt a bit down, the lights would go on.

I would also boil the kettle and deliberately not make a cup of tea.

Turning on the washing machine with nothing in it – doomed the world a little more.

I loved it.  I didn’t think about my weight at all.


Make that Change


Then I heard that vegetables have feelings too.

That was enough to give me the motive to change.

I knew I would be able to become a vegetarian and lose that weight.

I absolutely love it.

Sometimes I don’t even turn on the lights anymore. I sit in the dark.

Just the thought of having a fridge full of tasty vegetables makes me happy.

They taste so fresh and alive.

Biting into a fresh carrot you can almost hear it scream it’s so fresh.

I feel almost like a serial killer .

The absolute joy in the thought of making those vegetables suffer is what I live for.

I still turn the lights on if I have a particularly bad day.

Is anyone else thinking of becoming a vegetarian for the same reason?

What are the reasons behind your diet?

Tim Willow








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