Tetris has taught me #1linerweds

Tetris has taught me that if you try to fit in you disappear.



Four Socrates was an arbiter of wisdom, choosing death just to prove a point four he was also a prophet.

Four his saying about Tetris.

Four knowing the origin of the word, we can also assume he invented the game of Tennis.

Who knows what he said it four?

But the Greek word for four also leads us to the tetragammationYHWH

For it is also obvious to me that Socrates therefour predicted the western development of religion encapsulated in the idea of the one God.

Brought to you by Linda from one liner weds

I may have mis-remembered all that old Greek.



Does anyone else remember dreaming of Tetris?

Exciting times back then.


Lets give the last word to Socrates :

Crito,we owe a cock to asclepius. Do pay it. Don’t forget.

One of many things lost to history,these are the last words of Socrates.

We never found out if Asclepius got his cock.


What are your favourite last words?

Don’t give me the Oscar Wilde one…




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