Can you catch more flies with Honey?


You catch more flies with Honey

Tom Cruise

I have previously established – that Tom doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about.

If you remember his problems with that horse .

Yet I was intrigued by his statement about honey.




I’m lucky enough that my house is a disgusting vile mess, so flies weren’t hard to find.

I actually set traps for rodents so they can’t leave.

So I set about proving Tom’s statement.

Each morning for a week. I had toast  with a drizzle of honey over it for breakfast.

I shouted at the flies on the window and around the kitchen garbage and I asked them.

“Do you want some honey?”

Not one of them were interested.

I said it twice. Believe me it was a fair test.


Messy Eater


As the honey usually drizzles down my T-shirt while I’m eating my toast, obviously theo dd fly sticks without me noticing.

I counted the number of flies on my T-shirt at the end of each week.

There were no more flies than usual.


Failing is still Science


Dear reader, you may think this whole test was a waste of time but consider this :

The whole progress of science was a a result of everyone trying out new things,

While Newton stood on the shoulders of giants, (In school terms it means copying) he was also directed by all the others who got things wrong.

It is the numerous people who make mistakes and fail that gives science it’s direction.

My fly experiment will one day be relevant.

I can promise you that.

Perhaps Tom Cruise has already done the experiment secretly and he’s not letting on.


Do you want some honey?


Dear reader, my attempt at catching more flies was a failure.

No takers, apart from the last day.

That may have been when I decided to catch up on all the meds I was supposed to bet taking

Apparently flies don’t talk.


Try Try Try Again


Would you like some honey dear reader?

I can send you an old T-shirt used in the experiment.

You can also be a small part of the progression of science.


The T-Shirt may also have ketchup and probably coffee and a bit of egg on it.

It does not contain nuts.


Disclaimer :Tom Cruise may not have said this exact phrase but he will if he reads this post out loud.



23 thoughts on “Can you catch more flies with Honey?

  1. I think the entire expression is: You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar” – so, continue your experiments with the toast and honey, but follow each piece of toast with a few pickles, being sure to drip as much pickle juice on your shirt as you do honey. Keep track of which side the flies land on. Report back.

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  2. That was fun! Great post! 😀

    Was it locally produced organic honey made by native bees bought at a farmer’s market from a lady called Maude, because I’ve noticed that flies these days are getting very finicky.

    Liked by 2 people

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