What the F? TH is dying #1linerweds

th is dying

This is actually a woman praying  for TH at a geyser in Yellowstone.

What the f?

Thanks is dying out. If you want to practice gratitude you have to give :


TH is dying and there is nothing we can do to save it.

Nothing comes easy in life,apart from one thing – how many fingers am I holding up?

Free Fingers. Free.

Although The TH has hidden itself in the centre of some words,

Al “F”ough I used to fink ‘th’ would survive where once ‘th’ f-rived.

Even as   Tough is tuff and enough enuff, watch the world end as alFo becomes Alfuff.

Albert Einstein (1liner entry(

Do I have to live through all these changes?

When will I be set free from this nightmare?


Calories Word Count


To eat a stick of celery is negative calories as it so much effort to eat it.

My dad pursued his celery diet so successfully all that was left in the end was chattering teeth.

The effort the tongue needs to put itself to the roof of the mouth to make a “TH” sound – also burns more calories.

You may have noticed there is an obesity epidemic.

Is it possible that the calories saved by using a lazy “f” instead of the accurate “TH” is

behind the weight gain?

Let’s face it – you know a lot of people who talk a load of nonsense –

Imagine how many calories they save by effing all effing day.


Save our Youth


It is hard to argue against efficiency and improvement, is this just another example of streamlining and efficiency used to improve language?

Like using a freezer to cook meals in advance, it can save time.

using f, the tongue can save itself for potential big words coming up later?

You do know some big words, right?

Like Elephant?

There’s even a name for this effing nonsense :




the ‘f’ takes on average 0.005% less effort,  0.010 less tongue power  and uses 20% less brain power.


Curing Obesity using Language


American obesity is leading many other nations in the world – is it because they are also dropping adverbs as well as the TH?

You know how much thought it takes to add the right adverb to a word?

The answer is a lot.

An adverb dropped from the lips goes straight to the hips.

You can lose weight beautiful-ly.


Keep a full larder just make words harder


Someone – not me –  I’m too busy with my celery needs to start a campaign to :

Bring back proper speech and make America thin again.

Add the adverbs and TH back and lose that extra sack.

Should we just drop English and use a different language instead?

What do you think is the least calorie efficient language?

The Rebel Fish needs your solution to this pressing problem!

Willows World

This is part of #1linerweds 

Please go to Lindas site and have a look around at all the other entries.

I ummed and aahhed about this – as it far more than one line.

I just liked imagining the development of TH fronting and liked the line :

Even as   Tough is tuff and enough enuff, watch the world end as alFo becomes Alfuff.”







19 thoughts on “What the F? TH is dying #1linerweds

  1. Fanks for all this information- I’ll take it under advisement as I need to lose some pounds. But, I am NOT going on a celery diet, nonononono. I don’t care how efficient it is.
    Fanks again. Very fotfull of you.

    Liked by 1 person

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