Inside the wolf enclosure


Wolf enclosure

Imagine you are watching me in the wolf cage.

You took the  above photo and many more.

You watch me make my 2nd mistake of the day – lie on my back.


I found out that day that wolves like me. Really like me.

You formulate a question and wait until I leave the enclosure.

You ask :

At what point did you regret going into the wolf enclosure?

Looking back, I think it was exactly at the point the first picture was taken.


Ten years before that day



A very strange thing happened to me at work.

I left my id badge on my desk. When I went back to get it, my boss was using it.

He was tracing round my face with his mouse.

That is not a euphemism.

It was a primitive drawing program for the PC. My boss was using the face on my id to test it.

He printed off the work he had done.

This was on a dot matrix printer, so you can imagine how impressed I was.


A good caption can wait


I took that piece of paper with my traced face and added a caption.

I hung it on the wall so everyone would see it as they entered the office.

“Spot the idiot competition.”

No-one understood what I had done or why I had done it.

Yet I predicted with my caption  my time in the wolf enclosure many years in advance.


Tim Willow

There is a wolf rescue center up near Cripple Creek in Colorado – here it is .

They rescue wild wolves and offer  tours for fools    daily feeding tours allowing you to go in with the wolves.

I went in with a fist full of raw meat.

One of those things I didn’t regret but wouldn’t do twice.

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