Can I rent your consciousness?


It is never too late to be what you might have been. – George Eliot


Hi. My Name is Tim Willow.

I always struggled in sales as I could never commit myself to the product.

Until today.

I came across an opportunity arrives that was just too good to turn down.

I  quit my job shouting at people on the street and threw all my energies into this.

It’s a game changer. It virtually sells itself.

It is  an add on to the magic leap virtual reality headsets.

Use the headset, couple it with our patented consciousness connector.

Become someone else.


Are you interested in renting your consciousness?


Don’t worry. You get to keep it.

No risk.

You get to leverage  living.

Let other people experience what you experience every day.

Let me rent out your mind. Earn money just by being alive.

Become part of the instagram of the mind, let the world hook into your thoughts.

Imagine multiple users who are you, for a few minutes or even the whole day.

Earn an affiliate fee from each user.

The more interesting your life and thoughts the more money you make.


Relieve the Boredom of the modern World


Remember most people are completely tedious.

There is literally nothing  going on in ‘there.’

If you are remotely interesting, or have even one thought in your head –

You may be surprised at the results.

One woman in   Rochester with five cats has multiple users.

She  is earning hundreds of dollars per day.


Nothing to Lose


Remember we don’t own your mind – we only rent it out for you.

Cancel at any time.

Its the new you tube for the soul.

You know you’re interesting – that’s why you’re always talking about yourself.

Why not leverage just living and make a fortune?

It has never been so profitable to be alive.


Too ‘New’ for you?


If you’re a bit wary – don’t worry. You can take things slowly.

Why not try living other people’s experiences first?

Live a life that isn’t your own.

Be the woman with 5 cats.

Be the garbage man who’s having an affair with the man who lives behind the shoe collection point.

or why not be me for a change?

This system is so good, I know I won’t be ‘me’ for much longer.

So take your chance while you have it.







Tim Willow


23 thoughts on “Can I rent your consciousness?

  1. I want to rent blindzanygirl’s consciousness as this made her think, unlike most people. Then I might move on to you since you had this original idea. Yeah, I should be good to go for about a week or so. Do you have discounts for seniors?

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