How do we stop being so self-ish?


“I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.” – Albert Einstein

Why are you all so selfish?


Are you worried people will take advantage of you?

What’s wrong with being a bit kinder?

Life is for-giving right?

Don’t you hate all that talk?

Well you shouldn’t. It means you’re a really bad person.

That’s the kind of thing Attila the Bun thought.

Remember him?

A really bad baker who either killed you or made you buy his buns.




Most would agree in company that  equality is a good thing

Who would be seen to disagree with it?

You might lose social smarty-pant points.

Everyone has to agree with equality socially and publicly otherwise they will be looked down on.

Is it backed up by actions?

Your actions.

The problem with equality is : There is no ‘me’ in it.

There is nothing in it for the ‘me.’

The ‘me’ therefore isn’t interested.

The ‘Me’ only pretends  to care when people are looking.




We have to find a way to include the ‘me’

Hence my new word MEquality, the me is involved,right from the start.

If we are able to form our social identities around the idea of being MEqual, will it easier to be kind?

Will it be easier to see that giving to others we also give to ourselves?

The ‘Me’ is included and doesn’t have less through sharing – everyone has more.


All things being Mequal


I came up with the ‘ideal’ meaning of the word.

In general usage,however,it seems, Mequality has increased selfish-ness.

It is now even easier for people to disregard caring for others,

They have “MEquality” – which  has become the search of a better quality of life for ‘ME’

The mequality of the selfish generation is now scaling  new heights.


Doomsday Clock


As a result of the invention of the word mequality, the doomsday clock has even moved closer to midnight.

Midnight,being the time that the world ends.

I felt a little bad about that then I thought : look at what everyone else is doing.

Why should I take the blame?


CNUT or Canute


Similar to the wisdom of King Cnut , a king very prone to transposition errors.

King Cnut tried to demonstrate his humility  and the limits of his kingly powers next to  to that of God, by showing he could not control the tides.

Everyone laughed at him :

“Ha Ha – he thinks he can make the sea come in and out”


Everyone misses the point again.

Is it because we’re so self-ish?




Tim Willow why not go blonkers?



19 thoughts on “How do we stop being so self-ish?

  1. I miss read the title. Thought it said:


    ..and then I read it correctly and thought – but I don’t! Sell fish, that is.

    Then I thought, What is the point?
    Will you please stop poking me with that pair of compasses.
    Why is a pair of compasses called a pair when there is only one?
    I think I’ll go to bed, especially as it is nearly midnight!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The thing that always bothered me about ‘equality’ is who is the benchmark? Who are we all supposed to be equal to? Gavin Pondersby from Dagenham? The politicians really should tell us so we know what we are working towards…

    Liked by 1 person

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