Whats the difference between fish and pigs?


Some guy on TV stuck on a desert island was declaring himself a pescetarian.

That doesn’t mean he was annoying – even though he clearly was.

It meant that he only eats fish.

He was doing a big boy cry as some others wanted to kill a pig.

So I asked him through my TV :

“What’s the difference between a fish and a pig?”

They are the same – in terms of  sentience.

Is there a superior morality in not eating one and not eating another?

He did not respond.

Proving I am right once more.


Tim Willow

A pescetarian is a portmanteau word, combining the Italian word for fish – pesces – with vegetarian.

Similar to blonkers. 

A portmanteau word describing a particular kind of madness for which there is no cure.

Pesky can  only be used on old episodes of Scooby Doo.

I had to get special permission from Hanna-Barbera for the last sentence and earlier reference.

Piggies are not for hands, it’s Teddy Bears



24 thoughts on “Whats the difference between fish and pigs?

  1. I want to say thank you.

    Never quite understood myself why some animals seem to take higher rank than others.

    Makes absolutely no sense.

    I am thinking someone just lacks the stones to go all the way… but why fish should be the accepted feed….no clue!😂

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      • Personally if I had to kill what I ate I’d be living on salad and veg – I went fishing once and my boyfriend at the time killed the only fish I caught (a cod not that that has any bearing on it) and I was heartbroken. I guess I’m a hypocrite and should really be a vegetarian but I like eating meat and fish so what can I say?

        Liked by 1 person

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