Do you Roll and Flick?


pizza kitchen recipe rolling pin
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Be Honest

Let’s face it.

You have to do it.

You have been told not to do it all your life.

You try not to be caught doing it.

You are shouted at when you are seen doing it.

You do it in the car a lot. I’ve seen you.


When you get a good bit –

Do you roll it first or are you a flicker?

Is it too salty?

Do you always discard it in a bin?

Does it sometimes go on the carpet?

You Disgust Me


Have you left any in other people’s houses?

You didn’t tell them did you?

It could stick to their bare feet.

They could be taking it to bed without knowing.


Is anyone looking?

You could do it right now.

You do need to do it.


Tim Willow

I rated this post and marked it as average.

I think it’s because I got distracted as I found a good bit.

I’m a roller.


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