Did you ever meet someone as bad as yourself?


I’m important. You need to know right now


When you land phones are release from airplane mode. Calls are made.

Family and various business people are informed.

These days are the days when things have to be done. Things have to be seen to be done, otherwise who would know that the things are being done?

You’re the Do-er of the things and you need people to know, so the other passengers and the lucky recipient of your call knows it.

Where are you?

I’m here. I was there.

Who are you?

I’m the Do-er of the things.

Why are you calling me? You’re not telling me anything useful?

The Do-er of the things has landed.

The Do-er of the things is not dead and will be doing all the things.

Whether there is a reason for it or not.


The Race


When the airplane doors open, the race begins.

You have to walk as quick as you have ever walked in your life.

You can’t stop for anything, as they all get past you. You will lose your place.

I really needed to stop as I really needed to go.

I held it in, till I was through immigration.

I got through to the main hall,Β  desperation drove me forward.

Head down walking as quick as I could.

Pushing past people, forgiving myself for my rudeness as I went.

I saw this guy coming towards, me.

I’m not moving over, I’ve got urgent restroom business.

I can’t stop, I’ve got to go.

I’m the alpha this time,goddammit.

There was a crowd of people outside the restrooms, all waiting, looking about. then looking at me as I was moving so quickly.

The guy got closer, I dodged at the last minute but he still walked into me.

Then I realised.

I walked into a mirror.

Tim Willow

Sometimes there is nothing else to do but to laugh.

This is one of those 100% true things.

What have you done that is stupid?



10 thoughts on “Did you ever meet someone as bad as yourself?

  1. I am definitely the queen of do-ers whose things must be shared. I mean Hell, I’ve been blogging stupid vacation photos for 2 months now. But I am not that annoying flying do-er who has to push past everyone on the plane so they can be the first to stand in line to enter the next plane. That’s my husband. I swear the minute the landing gear makes ground contact he’s out of his seat like a Jack in the Box.

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