Don’t give jam to the pigs Kirstie #1linerweds


Express Yourself

There are many ways to express yourself in life.

One is using words.

You can write them out randomly or put them in some sort of order.

You can be a hero, or you can be a fool.

Take some pleasure that you have said all the same words as the best of them,only you used a different order.

Don’t give jam to the pigs – Kirstie Allie

Kirstie has done many things in her life but, I find, she always managed to keep on top of her French  idioms.

“donner de la confiture aux cochons” ( to give jam to pigs),  means giving something great to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

In this case I am the exception to the rule. I deserve everything I get.

Tim Willow

All of the quotes I use is  a re-arrangement of  words used in the named person’s life.

The rebel fish takes no responsibility for the order of the words or any meaning that may be attached.

The Jam- Jello controversy.

On English TV Kirstie Allie said the word jam quite recently. So I was able to complete my quote at the last second.


My entry for one line wednesday





19 thoughts on “Don’t give jam to the pigs Kirstie #1linerweds

  1. I imagine that a pig would enjoy the jam, where some people would start looking at the ingredient list, the calorie count, wondering if the cracker was gluten-free or whether the jam was from organic fruit. I think I’d take it back and say “I’ll just give this jam to a pig!”

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  2. I prefer cranberry jelly with my ham, but I tend to make a pig of myself. Then, of course, I am bound to smear myself with cranberry jelly. Being bound, and being covered in cranberry jelly, WOW, what better way to spend an afternoon?

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