‘Glow’wherever you are -mobile Spa – A days pampering in 10 minutes


Moving on up


After I left the funeral game, and tired of selling front doors,

I set up a little business offering treatments door to door.

The idea you could get that lovely spa feeling from the comfort of your own home.

Glow-body Knows

The idea soon morphed into ‘glow’ wherever you are.

Contact the service and one of our  drivers would drive to wherever you are.

At work,at the mall, in a dirty hole.

You’d be glowing in minutes.

Here’s how the original spa idea was formed


Service breakdown

Our current services :

Mud Glow – Self Esteem Double

One of our glowers will smear you with mud and tell you how brilliant you are.

Wipe downs not included.

Foot  Glow therapy

Stick your feet in our fish buckets and have them mildly gnawed for ten minutes.

Cod only – no longer available.

The Glowing Stones

Lie down while I pile stones on your back.

We can insult your friends and associates as the stones relax you.

Maximum glow

All services in 10 minutes.

Mud – Self esteem – Fish buckets

You really can glow wherever you are.

Maybe you like to glow so much you want to turn it into your day job.

Why not join one of our glowing team?

You can get job satisfaction from knowing you’re helping people relax in a meaningful way.

If you want to move into the mobile spa game let me offer some advice :

Do you want a permanent glow? 


The only advice I would give you is to start small.

When I first started, I didn’t have a van with a logo, I would just show up with a couple of buckets of fish in the trunk.

I added a collapsible camping chair. The client could really relax at the side of the road while the the fish nibbled away.

I added the services organically over time.

It meant the business grew slowly without me getting too overwhelmed at the start.

If you’re interested in franchise opportunities, get in touch.

I’m also finalising a contract with Uber with a view to expanding their service.

As well as their taxi service and   Uber Eats we soon expect them to offer Uber Feets.

Would you be able to suggest a better name?


Tim Willow

I took a lot of my proceeds from selling one-side windows,so I did have money to invest in my Spa idea.

The biggest bonus I found is my cost of keeping the fish was near zero.

Once I got regular ‘glowers’,as I called my customers, I didn’t need fish food.

Once they were too big for the bucket I sold them to the local fish and chip shop.


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