Guest Post: Is Animal Heaven Broken by Tim Willow

Thanks to Charles for hosting my post. I couldn’t resist passing it on to my normal blonkers.

Legends of Windemere

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When things get bad for me, I pray to God.

When things get really bad I drink vodka martinis.

On this day I felt close to God but may also have been drinking vodka martinis.

The world started spinning and I almost felt like I was outside my body.

Feeling Beyond Death

I woke up in a field of grass,filled with sheep. Beyond my field all I could see was more fields filled with grass. The sheep all eating.

I could hear the rip of the grass as they tore it from the ground.

I could not tell if I had died or if I was dreaming.

The sheep closest to me, looked at me strangely.

“Hello,” the sheep said ” I’m supposed to show you round.”

Free Food

“Everything you can see, and as…

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I split myself in two

Sometimes,you will be astounded to read, I get bored. As a middle aged puddle splasher  boredom is actually quite difficult to achieve. So I split myself in two. Mentally. I’m not a complete fool. I’m a wholewit not a halfwit. As soon as I did it – I  realised – out of the two of […]

Do you know who I am !!?

Celebrity is as celebrity does. The very fact that you’re asking may indicate: a) you don’t know either. b) we are both at a loss as to your identity. c) you’re not carrying photo I.D and a compact mirror to remind yourself. This is a nicer problem to have though and easily remedied. If you’re […]