Upselling the dead part 2


Please read it first or it will make even less sense than usual.

(a feat more impossible than dividing by zero)


The end of part 1 reprise


“Please let me speak.” The guy said.

“It’s the casket you’ve left at the house,” he said.

I hated those Friday calls. Those slackers at reception put the call through to sales  when

it should have gone to support.

No commission on this one. I’d have to wrap this up pretty quick.

I’m not a charity.

“I’m sorry Sir, What seems to be the problem?” I said.

“It’s not my father.”


The Training Kicks In


“Sorry to hear that Sir, let me look at the options.”

“There are no collections after 4pm on  a Friday. It’s a national holiday on Monday.”

“We can have him picked up on Tuesday?”

“I’ve got this dead stranger in my house. All the  mourners are arriving.”

“Will someone be in between 8 and 4pm?”

I heard this tiny whimper and the line went dead.

You just can’t help some people.

4.05pm – Job done –  Off the clock and outta there.


Onwards and Upwards


I really enjoyed the job but I’m more the type to move on and try new things.

I did get our family a sweet deal though, when my Father died.

There he was, just as he was in life.

Sitting up, facing the door, a glass of whiskey in hand, his two fingers giving the

international symbol of welcome.

A great send off. Courtesy of the state run funeral service.

It was an honor to work for them.


Willow World

I’ve had a few  jobs in my time.  rather than pursue a career, I though it more fun to try different things.

I didn’t last at selling front doors.

My attempts at selling one-sided windows went well though.

There are a few more memories of jobs I will be sharing over the coming weeks.

What are some of the most memorable jobs you can remember?


13 thoughts on “Upselling the dead part 2

  1. Worked as a waitress for three weeks when I was 16. It’s only memorable because it’s the only job I ever had and because I stole the takings when I left.

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  2. I interviewed once for a job as a receptionist for an escort service. (They did pay for the training.) I did not get the job after they asked me what I thought of women who worked for an escort service. My response, was “I don’t know I never met one” One question we had to learn the answer to was whether or not the escort was available for ‘personal services.’ The answer was coy, it was up to the escort.

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    • Interesting job! I guess your answer similar to ‘im not paid to think, one of those sorts of questions I always tend to get wrong. Altho not in those circumstances 🙂


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