Simplicity don’t need no greasing, Billy Joe shaver #1linerweds


It takes a special kind of someone to produce something simple that is also special.

Huh? Don’t blame me blame Billy Joe Shaver.

I remember a phrase in Zen Buddhism a phrase “putting legs on a snake.”

Where smart people start using their brains and make the simplest of things harder and harder.

Billy Joe Shaver was in an interview with Norm McDonald on Netflix, which I can only assume is a deliberately bad chat show.

Billy’s line was “Simplicity don’t need no greasing.”

Norm grew up on a farm in Canada. Their job as kids was to empty the outhouse – similar to Billy Joe.

Carry the contents of the outhouse buckets to the top of a field and dig a hole to put it in.

Norms father said “If that’s the worst thing you experience in life then you’re doing good.”

In the show Norm said his father was right. It was the worst thing he had experienced.

I guess my previous 1linerweds post was also excrement related.

What country has over one….. ( One liner Wednesday)

Back to the interview –

Despite occasional low-brow humor involving watermelons, the interview was interesting as it gave insight in how country music stars worked back then.

People like Kris Kristofferson,according to Billy Joe, would say they would record a song but only if they could get 50% royalty rights.

Billy Jo turned it down as he said his songs were so good – Kris recorded them anyway.

No squirrels were harmed in the typing of these words.





18 thoughts on “Simplicity don’t need no greasing, Billy Joe shaver #1linerweds

    • I was on an exercise bike.. couldn’t make it stop 🙂 it’s post-ironical comedy – ie not comedy at all. He used to write for Roseanne in the 80’s before the world went… well..


  1. Legs on a snake would be cool, like a huge centipede. Even better if you made teeny tiny red boots for its little legs, and then he could do a little Riverdance….all that leg movement without moving his scaly body…that would go viral on Twitter and then you could afford to buy him a little top hat and tails too. Even cooler, buy him a hair piece, so he’d be like a huge hairy Caterpillar…hungry, of course.

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