Being a ‘big boy’ at 3 – learning to swear


Big Boy

At 3 years old I remember running into the other room to show everyone my new word

“****” I said. “****”

I was so pleased at myself. I was a big boy. I knew loads of words.

I went everywhere saying “****”

Anywhere I went inside and outside the house “****”

They couldn’t stop me saying “****”

Even writing this I am tempted to say “****”


Grandmother Saves the day


My Grandmother took me to one side.

She was telling me a secret. I felt special.

I knew an even better word.

I ran into the next room, shouting :


I was a big boy.

Tim Willow

Are you blonkers?

What’s your favorite vegetable replacement for a swear word?

Can I recommend “kumquat the fig off?”

20 thoughts on “Being a ‘big boy’ at 3 – learning to swear

  1. I do wonder if we’re going to have to invent some new types of swearing.

    In a time where the eff word is used as punctuation or a prefix,
    The shock, drama, aggression and emphasis is being lost from over use.

    Cussing like a dock yard welder in the work place appears acceptable.

    I can remember a time when it wasn’t.

    The eff word is adaptable and has a wide range of meanings,
    “It’s f**ked” for example, means something is beyond repair or doomed without long winded technical explanations.

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