Spawn Alert – Update your DSN -or be at risk -Heaven’s servers hacked


Follow up to Heavens Servers hacked

Spawn Alert


I have spent the longest time trying to convince people.

I was fortunate enough to know Bill Gates before his Microsoft gig.

We both started small, working from our garage at the start.

I was still working in my garage until last year. I didn’t quite have Bills brain.

Lets face it. I don’t have a brain at all.

But Bill always gives me the time of day.

You never know whether he’s patronising you or taking you seriously.

That’s just Bill.

But I was there from the start and that means something.

The hardest thing I ever did – I convinced Bill to believe in the Devil.


Unknown Filters.


If we knew what Bill was doing on our behalf, you would forgive his companies not paying taxes.

Lucky enough he bought a large share in Facebook, so he was able to apply the same tech across both companies.

Even AOL are using it now.

It’s that important.

All this time, people were complaining about spam emails when the real problem was spawn. Demon spawn.

Bill had just been so good at filtering any messages. Nobody knew about it.

Eventually the demons found jobs in silicon valley and were able to infiltrate the technology.

Be careful. Demons can read your mind.

If you get any emails from dead relatives saying they are from heaven– this is a sign.

Do not respond. Do not even answer the door.

I urge you download the Demon Safe Network (DSN) today.

No matter how safe your house, the devil will always find a back door.

The demons have hacked the networks – our  software is essentially useless.

So, we have had to go public.

The DSN  prevents demons infiltrating your PC or defrosting your internet fridge while you’re at work.

Imagine coming home from work to slightly warm milk.

It’s that serious.


Save your soul


I urge you. Even if you don’t believe. Please download the updated software.

This link can probably save your life – The DSN

The devil has been actively trying to un-invent himself.

I may be the last who believes.

This is a time to be safe. Our souls are always in demand.

Please don’t make the same mistake I did.

Here is the link to the DSN again.

I urge you. Please download the DSN. This may be your last chance.

Tim Willow

Only the insane cannot sin, become a blonker.

It may save you from the cloven one.

Free to wander WordPress, full of sound and fury signifying your nothings.

Let Hell be for the feckless and those with good intentions –

One day you will thank me.



32 thoughts on “Spawn Alert – Update your DSN -or be at risk -Heaven’s servers hacked

  1. It’s too late to save yourself. Demons walk among us. Sometimes they even follow you on Twitter.

    BTW, I can read your mind. I knew you were cabbaging us.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Will you stop leaving posts lying around….I just tripped over one and fell into a stack of KALE! No need to be concerned though (I could see that you were very concerned) as it was curly kale, so broke my fall. Now I need a new fall because a broken one just will not hack it. Talking of hacking it, someone seems to have hacked my post and it has notches all the way up. Kale sera sera!

    Liked by 1 person

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