Piggies are not for hands, it’s Teddy Bears

flowers teddy bear toy
Photo by Marina Shatskih on Pexels.com

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As I’m nearing 50 it’s time to get a few things sorted.

I’ve embarrassed myself enough.

I’ve held my little finger and said “this little piggy went to market” one too many times.

It’s humiliating. My wife keeps saying “the piggies are your toes”

I just can seem to get it through to myself.

Maybe it’s because I wear socks and there’s too much setting up to play the game.

Shoes and socks off before I can even start.

“It’s teddy bears for hands,piggies for toes,” my wife says over and over.

She does things by the book. I’m more of a rebel.


Rebel without a Cause


Do toes look like little piggies or something?

I don’t get it.

I can understand the teddy bears wanting to play in the garden. That makes sense.

Why can’t the pigs and the teddy bears play in the garden together?

Is this some kind of finger and toe apartheid  nonsense?

I demand equal rights for fingers and toes.

I demand the right to use my fingers as little piggies.

I hope my wife can handle that.

Can you?

Tim Willow

Did you read this? Are you blonkers?

24 thoughts on “Piggies are not for hands, it’s Teddy Bears

  1. Fingers and toes
    stuck up your nose
    Better by far
    up the nose of your foes

    Out in the garden
    toes they will harden
    Fingers meanwhile
    are begging our pardon

    Fingers and toes
    No-body knows
    why piggies and bears
    will always oppose!

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  2. Fingers and thumbs couldn’t possibly be classified collectively as piggies as they all have their own given names,

    Tommy Thumb,
    Peter Pointer
    Toby Tall
    Ruby Ring
    Baby small.

    There’s even a twee nursery rhyme, chanted by able toddlers and pre school children everywhere.


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