Heavens servers got hacked


Follow up to Heavens got email – read it first or again to remind yourself.


Heavens inbox is always full while the the devil and demons play.

Sending out constant spawn to inboxes all over the world

He’s got those demons working hard, tricking souls into a heaven on earth  for an eternity in hell.

All from your inbox.

Who doesn’t want to be the new Kardashian? or that guy out of King of Queens?

Worldwide fame and all the lip blubber you could inject.

Who among you could turn that down?


A proper Charley


Charley boy was buying a handle of vodka, not everyday, not yet.

Almost 2 litres of pure check out time.

The bottle is placed on the counter,swiped,card inserted. No words exchanged.

It nice when you get to that point. When you don’t need soda.

He got home and poured the vodka into a pint glass. Half-filling it.

He’s not an amateur – spillage can be a problem later in the day.

He sat down at his desk,took a swig and fired up his PC.

Another swig.

Looking for that point where the vodka puts out the fire and the pain just for a while.

Longing to be mindless.

He scrolled  through his twitter feed.

All those empty thoughts scrolling past his bloodshot eyes.

Positive life coaches, quotes, affirmations.

Relentless positivity.

He jumped back to his empty inbox  then moved into his spam.

Keep moving Charley, he said to himself. Just keep moving.


Charley Boy


Charley had been haunted since his father’s death a couple of months ago.

It had been hard. In a way , he had won but also lost.

His father writing him out of the will also took away his motive in the eyes of Homicide.

He had killed him for nothing.  Nothing was left. A big pile of nothing.

He kept scrolling down, one title caught his eye “Who knew? Heavens got email.”

He clicked through.

It addressed him directly.  It seemed like it was written by his dead father.

Who could have sent it? Nobody else called him Charley Boy.

Homicide were still looking for the killer.

Maybe they found the knife.

Were they trying to blackmail him?

But his fathers  will left him with nothing? What would the blackmail be for?

Maybe I should move the knife? Isn’t that….

Never return to the scene of the crime.

Charley boy heard a slow,clear knock at the door.


Onwards and Upwards


Charley took a swig. Not for courage, his body just knew when his level dropped.

He carried his glass with him to the door. They would just think it was water,right?

They wouldn’t notice the unkempt hair, the bloodshot eyes and the smell.

There’s a beauty and a hope in a child’s eyes, Charley boy’s eyes were cold like dead glass.

He breathed deep and opened the door.

“I’ve had the devil of a time getting here.” The man said in an educated English accent.

The kind of accident the Queen would love to have if she was posh enough.

He was wearing a William Westmancott suit, with what looked like a rebel fish pocket square peaking out of the top pocket.

Set off with a cloven hoofed edition of passion diamond shoes sparkling like a loved ones eye.

Always look to the shoes. The Devil comes in many guises but he can’t hide his cloven feet.

Stylish is still stylish.

“We found the knife,Charley Boy,” the man stared at Charley boy, his pupils seeming to glimmer with the faintest red.

Charley’s hand squeezed the pint glass in his left hand, almost to the point of breaking.

“Let’s take a seat.”


Charley boy sat back down at his PC, still holding his glass.

The man stood in front of Charley boy. Just close enough to make him sweat.

The darkened room , the blinds closed all day and night exuded  dirt and despair.

The passion diamond shoes still sparkled as the  Devil continued….

“Heavens servers got hacked Charley Boy.”

The room darkened.

“It’s heaven see – too trusting – their firewall, lets just say is pretty basic.”

“So your Dad’s email was a godsend.”

Charley Boy swigged more vodka.


The Devils Justice


“Your choice Charley Boy, I make this disappear or homicide finds the knife.”

Charley boy looked  the devil in the eye and raised the glass to his lips.

I hope I can get one of those rebel fish pocket squares, Charley thought.



Tim Willow

Remember what I said  last week about not everybody having the same integrity as me?

Charley Boy signed up to be the Devils affiliate. You have to be careful.

He didn’t get a nookmark bookmark obviously.


I emailed rebel fish pocket squares to appear in this piece.

They didn’t reply.

I’m only guessing but it may be another company putting me on the ‘mad’ list.

Did you read this? You must be blonkers.



15 thoughts on “Heavens servers got hacked

    • Thank you, 🙂 there’s a third one next week. I hope 🙂 Thanks for joining in,spread the word a Devils affiliate can work very well for the right type of person 🙂


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