Guest Post: Is Animal Heaven Broken by Tim Willow

Thanks to Charles for hosting my post. I couldn’t resist passing it on to my normal blonkers.

Legends of Windemere

(Say hello to Tim Willow and check out his blog.  Link after this fun post.)


When things get bad for me, I pray to God.

When things get really bad I drink vodka martinis.

On this day I felt close to God but may also have been drinking vodka martinis.

The world started spinning and I almost felt like I was outside my body.

Feeling Beyond Death

I woke up in a field of grass,filled with sheep. Beyond my field all I could see was more fields filled with grass. The sheep all eating.

I could hear the rip of the grass as they tore it from the ground.

I could not tell if I had died or if I was dreaming.

The sheep closest to me, looked at me strangely.

“Hello,” the sheep said ” I’m supposed to show you round.”

Free Food

“Everything you can see, and as…

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