I split myself in two


Sometimes,you will be astounded to read, I get bored.

As a middle aged puddle splasher  boredom is actually quite difficult to achieve.

So I split myself in two.


I’m not a complete fool.

I’m a wholewit not a halfwit.

As soon as I did it – I  realised – out of the two of us  – I didn’t know which was the real me.

Two’s a crowd


I was only one of them at any one time.

Whichever one I was. I really didn’t like the other one.

That guy had problems.

I just didn’t like the way he did things.

You know when you get that feeling about someone?

I didn’t tell him but I tried to undermine everything he did.

I enjoyed it when things didn’t go right for him.

I liked seeing him suffer.


Then I remembered that day I was bored.

It was me all along.

The Swap


I tried being the other guy for a bit.

I found the other me was even worse.

We did agree on one thing.

The old me – we both hated.

The other guy was an idiot.



Tim Willows Additional Thoughts.

I’ve turned into a complete blonker.

However, I still use the wisdom of Solomon. 

Why this blonkers blog? 

I just happened to think of an old poem I wrote, and turned it into this post.

Quite a feat as I don’t remember anything usually.

I split myself in two,played the one against the other

to try and see who would win,

Then,when I discovered, that we were one another,

I had to start all over again.



30 thoughts on “I split myself in two

  1. Liking the thought that you both hated the old you and thought the other guy was an idiot.
    Great stuff 😀
    Is there an application for membership or some sort of initiation to join the middle aged puddle splashers club?

    Liked by 2 people

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