Something happened Shocker

something happened

Something happened.

Then something else happened.

Then something else happened that you didn’t expect.

This continued for almost an eternity.

Things got very difficult for a while.

Something happened that you didn’t want to happen.

Everything seemed to be going wrong.

Then it didn’t go wrong anymore.

You are so many pages in you can’t stop now.

You commit.

Somebody you don’t know spent a lot of their time writing this.

Most of the questions in your mind were answered.

You felt relief.

The end wasn’t very good.

It left you hanging.

You have two choices.

Recognise all the time you spent reading was a complete waste.


Buy book two – the same words only in a different order.

Guarantee – something will happen.

Tim Willow

Option 2 – is a variation of the sunk cost fallacy.

You ever felt that?

You buy a book. You have to finish it to the end.

Someone put their heart and soul into writing it.

You feel like you owe something to this stranger.

Almost like a holy contract. A pure communication from one soul to another.

Even though the writer has achieved the best outcome – your purchase.

Stay tuned heptalogy lovers.






23 thoughts on “Something happened Shocker

  1. I’m an avid reader, but if I’m a third of the way through and you haven’t grabbed me? Then I don’t care how much heart and soul you poured into it, I’m gone. On the other hand, if you interest me I’ll haunt used book stores and libraries for all your previous work.

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  2. I think some self help books can be written along the lines of nothing happening.

    “And suddenly, nothing happened”

    How refreshing would it be to have a humorous self help book.
    Not self help to be humorous but help to consider an alternative perception of oneself.

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  3. Yeah, movies are pretty much the same, though I always prefered books. You could always write an anti-book, where something didn’t happen. Then, something else didn’t happen. Then something that you didn’t expect didn’t happen, etc, etc. I don’t think that it would sell well, though.

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