Silly question #4 Where does the flame go when you blow a candle out?


Question post by : The Britchy one.

My realtor has reminded me that everything depends upon location.

It depends where you are when you start blowing.

I would add : It also depends on how far you blow it.

A short answer.

Do you feel cheated?

Does the Britchy one?

I hope not, as I think she can run faster than me.

Brevity is the soul of wit.

Tim Willow

I have to say  it’s really hard to think of a question that is silly.

In a world that is silly, is a silly question  more sensible?

Who is the silliest?

I also thought what could actually be even more silly than that?

Click on the link above. That’s quite silly.

You may think you can make it even sillier.

I know you won’t. As I have reached maximum silly.

There is nothing beyond this level of silly.

If you buy the magnet.

Then you’re making your own jokes.

and It would be beyond silly.


Many have put their minds to the actual science of the flame on a candle before :

Candle flame answers

Do you remember when I invented one-sided windows?

Sales are still moving quite strongly.


Don’t buy the magnet, are you serious?

Nobody is that silly.

I bought one obviously.



15 thoughts on “Silly question #4 Where does the flame go when you blow a candle out?

    • Was it Napoleon that used to pour hot was on to himself in case he got caught so he had already tortured himself… I used to do it, gets to the edge of burning then the wax solidifies … Had less to do in those pre blogging days… 🙂

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  1. Nice repurposing of hot wax there Tim.

    I would be as interested as Rivergirl about your answer to a woman’s sneeze and how it affects candle flame from a distance of 10” away.

    Liked by 2 people

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