Outside a box

if you always do, what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Makes sense.

It seems I’m not selling myself well enough on job applications and it’s becoming a problem.

I wanted to shake things up a little and approach the problem in a different way.

I’d heard that writing a poem about the problem to be solved disengages the logical left side of the brain and engages the creative right side potentially offering up otherwise unthought of solutions,

As follows:

‘Switch your left brain off,

Get your right brain out,

Agitate cortex wrinkles, jump in the air and shout,

I’m going to pen a ditty and being world peace to all, And make me incredibly rich.

Oooo, oh nuclear deterrents.

Ooo, oh sell lots of weapons.

Ooo, oh and build an army, That’s what it’s all about’

It really does encourage creativity.

I was trying to get back into the retail sector with my job applications.

Leading a country is where the big bucks are at, I just hadn’t seen the possibilities before.

A previously unthought of vocation.

Poetry really does shake a few ideas loose.

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