A happy worker is…. one liner wednesday


I may have to start a petition to reduce Wednesdays to one per month.

If I’m doing #onelinerwednesday – One Wednesday a week may  be too many to keep up with.

This post is a member of the 1%. 1% of it is not true.

Happy worker.

I was never a happy worker. I was one of those who didn’t know what to do with themselves.

I had no plan.

I stumbled into an office job, standing in wet concrete on my way into the interview.

I got the job. Nobody else applied.

On that day I can claim I was the best candidate.

It was not a sure run thing.


I noticed that many who were ‘doing the job’ around me spent a lot of time not doing it.

A lot of time was spent talking, I didn’t really like talking -( here’s my system for never doing it. )

Okay,I thought. If that’s the game. I’ll do that.

I became the best at not doing my job. I became the best at being lazy.

In fact, I didn’t do that job so successfully it was 12 years before they found out I wasn’t doing it at all.

The last 18 months I wasn’t even there.

I used to say a “Happy worker is a hard worker” a lot at the time.


A comment about how to treat your staff,essentially. A worker may be more productive if they are happy at work.

I was happy enough as I was hardly ever there. I took being ‘on site’ to an art form.

There is a Bill Gates quote

“I will always employ a lazy man as they will always find an easy way to do it”

It would so easy for me to get a job working for Bill.

I could call him up and explain how lazy I am. I would be employed on the spot.

Then I thought. It’s a trick.

A truly lazy person would wait for Bill Gates to call them first.

Hard worker

I was never a hard worker until I lost that job and stumbled into an online job.

One day I got lucky. The business exploded overnight, as a result of a rule change made by someone else. I spotted an opportunity first.

This was my chance. I took it.

I became a hard worker and a happy worker,working 12 hour days.

Every day. For  years I rarely saw the light of day.

If I answered the door, I would look up at the sky and into the distance, thinking “Wow. This is real.”

I would then go back inside and work some more.


The working for myself job is almost at an end now.  I’m going to be fine.

I got lazy, I got lucky – I got busy.

I knew it and worked until I dropped and,as I knew, other people would copy what I was doing.

Slowly the opportunity closed, I got tired, I got older.

Others made more money than me. They had more money to start with. I was bankrupt. I had nothing.

I also know the value of a simple life and how much is enough.

I go out now and look at the sky. I feel the wind on my face and see it play patterns in the long grass and think “Wow”.”

So now I’m doing a bit of blogging. Figuring out if there is actually a ‘name’ for what it is that I produce.

If Bill Gates calls me,maybe I will answer.

Just Me

Thanks for letting me participate in one liner Wednesday.

The 1% that is not true is the bit about Bill Gates.

Tim willow

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