Is Harry better than Jesus in terms of brevity? (one liner wednesday)

Is Harry better than Jesus in terms of brevity?

Harry was the old guy that sat at the end of the bar sometimes.

White hair and old big glasses. That grey faced look of the really old. He had trouble breathing and now had plastic tubes up his nose.

It didn’t interfere with any drinking.

I never really talked to Harry.

One day he walked over to the other side of the pub and left us two pints on our table.

Thanks Harry, we said. He looked even greyer.

“It’s nice to be nice” Harry said.

At the time, I know nobody paid much attention. I made a mental note,never to forget.

We would never see Harry again.

I know Jesus summed up his teachings saying you only need to know  two things.

Love thy neighbour as thyself and love the Lord thy god with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind.

Harry’s teaching was five words.

“It’s nice to be nice”                                      (#1linerweds)

And free beer. Dont forget that.

Tim Willow’s Additional Thoughts

Jesus had a whole lot of words but I don’t remember free beer anywhere in the Bible.

I’ll always remember Harry.

I try and live by his words. He was my prophet.

He can be yours too.

A message beyond any human religious divides.

“It’s nice to be nice” – which is my sentence for #1linerweds

If only there was a way to create better communities?

This was my first go at one line wednesday. It is actually one line.

One Liner Wednesday


18 thoughts on “Is Harry better than Jesus in terms of brevity? (one liner wednesday)

  1. Perhaps Harry is a member of the Polite Force 🙂

    Yes – a few more Harrys (or should that be Harries?) and we could start a revolution. The outbreak of World Peace is long overdue.

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