Can you predict everything anyone will ever say to you? #coolprompts


I always found conversation difficult.

Two reasons :

  1.  I can’t maintain a pretend level of interest for longer than one second.
  2.  I can’t break my habit of telling the truth, which seems to be social suicide.

I needed to find a way round this.

I needed a plan for when dialogue fails.

If I didn’t  speak then would I actually be lying?

Without speech, I could pretend interest for much longer by  just nodding and occasionally moving my eyebrows up and down randomly.

The Plan

I got some carded paper and I wrote down a response to everything anyone could possibly say to me.

I wrote it on a few cards small enough to fit in a pocket.

I figure I could keep different cards in different pockets so I could communicate quickly.

Then , like Tony Orlando and his communication system, I would never have to talk again.

I had my cards at the ready.

Yes — No. —. Don’t know — Nothing    

None of your business.       – What do you think?

How are you? —No reason —Because — mmm — 

Ha-Ha — Funny —             -Go away —              Fine

I like frogs

You know what question the first person I saw asked me?

What’s that in your hair?

I lifted my hand up and pulled out a piece of cheese.


My card was at the ready.

What do you think?

It looks like cheese.


How on earth did you end up with a piece of cheese in your hair?

I started to move my eyebrows up and down randomly showing off my social skills.

None of your business

You’re a strange one.

I like frogs.

The system works.


Tim Willow’s Additional Thoughts

I did feel relieved as the cheese almost revealed my monkey based free cheese system

If you’re blonkers, Why not ask me a stupid question?

I’ll give you a stupid answer.

Shout out to the  :

Ray not bradbury blog

Go to the link for the #coolprompts thingie. I chose “when dialogue fails” for my attempt.

#coolprompts 29 august – 3 september

There are 3 variants/choose any:

  • use the phrase ‘when dialogue fails’ in your text
  • explain when dialogue fails and why – from psychological point of view
  • give an example of the situation through a real or fictional dialogue



42 thoughts on “Can you predict everything anyone will ever say to you? #coolprompts

  1. Oh I loved this…it made me ell-oh-ell. And as someone who is also easily bored and prone to telling the truth in conversation, I might give those prompt card a go.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. AI technology has come a long way in the last few years. You could get one of those robots with artificial social intelligence like this one to stand in for you and take care of all your small talk, leaving you free to safely remove all cheese from your hair or count tadpoles or whatever it is that you fancy doing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my, I think I should get those cards….
    Often I just don’t talk and text people instead (whilst I’m having a conversation with them).
    Re the truth, people usually appreciate it. Other than when I mistakenly told my coworker that she is intimidating, well at least they all know what I think of them.

    Liked by 1 person

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