One sided Windows : Sales opportunity

Some of you will remember my hatred of flies.

How I invented one sided Windows to take advantage of that – flies could not fly in but could fly out.

One sided Windows post.

Note to Sales staff :

Sales are going quite well. Well done.

However, I think we have an additional opportunity.

Not everyone hates flies.

I know you’ve been to many peoples houses.

There are flies buzzing around in there and the people don’t seem to mind.

If we install Windows the other way round. The flies can fly into the room but won’t be able to leave.

A guaranteed sale for fly lovers.

The Syrup and the fly

I’m convinced they love flies so much, they sit in their houses smearing themselves in syrup so the flies stick all over them.

If you don’t try to eradicate a fly as soon as it enters your house – you must be a syrup smearer.

What other reason could there possibly be?

2nd note to Sales staff :

Make a point of stating the one sided windows can be installed the opposite way –

Try not to mention flies too overtly.

The rule is they have to say ‘fly’ first.

Include free syrup with each window sale to any fly lovers.

Some fly lovers still smear syrup in secret.

You’ll lose the sale if you  ‘out’ them. Be patient.

3rd Note to Sales staff – Keep things S.A.F.E

Remember our 2 safe method.

You can never be too safe.

In the event of a Syrup and Fly Emergency, (SAFE) where you are offered syrup – leave immediately.

We have lost too many sales staff to the syrup smearing movement.

Stay S.A.F.E, if syrup smearing is mentioned,

Secure a fast exit.

10 thoughts on “One sided Windows : Sales opportunity

  1. Brilliant marketing strategy. Perhaps you could include a fly starter kit for those who aren’t sure if a houseful is for them. That way they can give the pest ridden buggers a test run before they commit.

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  2. Recently discovered that some flies will perch on top of the flyswatter. If you speak with them. Have perambulated two into the great outdoors without syrup, in such a manner.

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